A Quest for Beauty

We are a creative accessories brand with a strong focus on handmade unique products and high quality materials.

Our products are luxurious and unique. We design every product inhouse and carefully select our production partners.

Fewer, better in combination with the finest craftsmanship is the foundation of everything we create.

Our designs reflect the practical and aesthetic in life but above all must satisfy and serve the eye of the beholder.

Our products reflect the way we communicate. The more thought, detail and passion we put into them, the more valuable they become.

​Florentina stands for carefully selected products that will compliment your wardrobe and your very own journey.

Our Philosophy

We believe in unique handmade and elegant limited edition products. Premium quality in materials and lavish extravagance in designs. Our philosophy reflect the quest for beauty and satisfaction outside the norm.

Quality over quantity and owning carefully selected pieces as the foundation of more fullfilling fashion.

​We love creative collaboration and believe in sharing our creative work with other designers and brands.